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In a perfect world, your garage door would always work the way it is supposed to — but it doesn’t always happen that way.


One of the main problems you may encounter with your garage door is the need to repair garage door broken springs. Your garage door mechanism is dependent upon your garage door springs, and without them, your garage door simply won’t work properly.

While our “best garage door services” experts are always happy to offer garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement if your springs are broken or more than 7 years old, you may want to consider a complete replacement.

For homeowners using their garage door as their front door, you may want to consider a high cycle spring. Industry standard is 10,000 cycles. If you use your door seven to eight times per day, that is about a four-year life expectancy.

You may feel that you know how to fix a broken garage door spring yourself, but we do not recommend this. A garage door spring mechanism is under extreme pressure, and if you don’t have experience working with garage door springs, you could severely injure yourself and damage your garage.

We at I Am Garage Door Services pride ourselves on always using the highest quality parts, so when we replace your old garage door springs, you’ll know your new springs are ones you can trust for years to come.