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If you’re looking into garage door installation, choosing the right garage door contractor for the job is paramount.

$0 Down For New Installs

Get your new custom garage door installed today for no money down and a low monthly fee.

Custom Hand-Crafted Cedar Garage Doors Nothing compliments your home's exterior more than a beautifully cedar garage door.

Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation


There’s a reason why I Am Garage Door is one of the leading local garage door opener installation companies. With over 18 years as a Lowes approved contractor and over 15 years as a Sears approved contractor for garage doors and garage door openers, our customers have confidently come to rely on us for all their garage door installtions and replacements.

Our team of garage door installation experts has the skill and knowledge that is needed to help you choose the best garage door parts and accessories for your specific needs. We can assist you with choosing the perfect fit your home or business, and budget.

I Am Garage Door Services has been providing residential and commercial garage door installation services for more than 25 years. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience that’s needed to ensure that your garage door is installed properly so that it will operate seamlessly and safely for many years to come.